Recent and current projects (2013-2016): Jolla Oy (brand identity, marketing strategy, website, social media, launch event management; in collaboration with Luxus), SensitiveSleepers (website, social media, content creation and community for sensitive sleepers), LångvikSouth Oy (brand identity, website and investor presentation), Chauhan Studio (trend and foresight work), Långvikin kyläyhteisö (website), FysioProVita Oy. FysioProVita has been an extensive renewal project covering new brand identity (graphical guidelines, creative concept, slogan and logo), interior design and renovation, marketing and business strategy creation, client training and workshop package creation, new website, social media establishment and education, creation of business cards, staff clothing and much more. Stigu Ltd makes and sells planners and apps and is Helena’s own business, almost purely run on online.